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Helping modern brands overcome technology hurdles with progressive digital solutions.

Staff augmentation

Our staff will supplement your internal team, enhancing productivity and accelerating your project timelines.

Systems integration

Streamline the adoption of the latest digital updates. We’ll ensure operational efficiency and optimize your team’s workflow.

Digital Support

Experience uninterrupted operations with prompt, reliable assistance. Our team troubleshoots tech problems and resolves them swiftly.

limitless Expertise

When your team is maxed out,
ours is ready to step in.

Connect with our top-tier professionals to supplement your team and access unwavering support. We’re vastly experienced at navigating the digital landscape, and we’ll empower your brand with one-of-a-kind solutions and integrated systems planning

unrivaled talent

The LIM network has 200+ trusted developers to execute clients’ needs, primarily located in the USA, Egypt, Brazil, Mexico, Italy and UAE. When our bench is fully deployed, we expand and source talent from all around the world. Our sophisticated vetting and knowledge testing procedures ensure each developer delivers the level of excellence associated with our name.


15 years

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Speed Meets Compatibility

Moving quickly isn’t an excuse for neglecting psychological fit. We’ll ensure our staff augmentation services are well-suited to your team’s setup.

Client-Centric Team Integration

Team cohesion is critical at any system integration stage – and we’ll proudly involve you in the process.

Beyond Technical Excellence

We look beyond the practical skills of our dev team, zeroing in on things like leadership qualities and problem-solving strategies.

Prioritizing Speed Over Team Compatibility

We never rush into projects without considering the dynamics and objectives of your unique team.

Lack of Client Involvement in Team Building

At LIM, we don't exclude you from any of the crucial stages while building and integrating your team.

Focusing Solely on Technical Skills

We’re preparing your business to take on complex project challenges – not just thinking about applied skills during the development phase.

Proven results

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Take the first step towards transforming your online presence. Let LIM guide you through a tailored Shopify Plus QuickStart journey.