Case Study

L’Oréal Product Launch & Fashion Week Campaign


L’Oreal / Kiehl’s




Demandware, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design


New York, USA

The Challenge

In the summer of 2016, L’Oréal was preparing for a series of ambitious product launches for Kiehl’s. This was a crucial period, leading up to the high-profile September fashion week. The launches required extensive marketing, digital presence, and e-commerce readiness. However, L’Oréal faced a critical challenge – they were in the process of migrating Kiehl’s digital platform from a custom solution to Demandware, a leading e-commerce platform. This migration, coupled with the need for extensive marketing efforts for the product launches and the upcoming fashion week, placed a substantial strain on their internal resources.”

The Solution

LIM, with its expertise in digital solutions and marketing, was approached to provide comprehensive support during this pivotal phase. We understood the unique challenges of L’Oréal’s situation – managing a major platform migration while executing a high-stakes marketing strategy.

Our solution was crafted to address each aspect of L’Oréal’s challenge:

  1. E-Commerce Platform Migration: We provided a team of specialized web developers to assist with the migration to Demandware. This team worked closely with L’Oréal’s IT department to ensure a smooth transition, focusing on preserving the user experience, data integrity, and seamless integration of new features.
  2. Digital Marketing for Product Launches: Our digital marketing experts devised innovative campaigns tailored for each product launch. This included creating engaging content, managing social media campaigns, and utilizing influencer partnerships to generate buzz around the new Kiehl’s products.
  3. Preparation for Fashion Week: Recognizing the importance of fashion week in L’Oréal’s calendar, our team developed a targeted marketing strategy. This included creating exclusive content, coordinating with fashion influencers, and leveraging digital platforms to highlight Kiehl’s presence and new offerings during the event.
  4. Ongoing Support and Analytics: Throughout the summer and leading up to fashion week, our team provided ongoing support, monitoring the effectiveness of our strategies through analytics. This allowed us to make real-time adjustments to maximize impact.

The Result

The partnership between L’Oréal and LIM yielded outstanding results. The product launches were met with enthusiastic reception, significantly boosting Kiehl’s brand visibility and sales. The smooth migration to Demandware enhanced their e-commerce capabilities, leading to an improved customer experience and increased online transactions. The marketing efforts around fashion week created a substantial buzz, further solidifying Kiehl’s as a leading brand in the beauty and skincare industry.

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