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San Diego, CA

The Challenge

PayAssist was looking to create an exclusive “plug-in” that they could provide to some of their merchant customers who use BigCommerce, in an effort to facilitate safe, secure, and efficient payment flows.

The Solution

LIM experts rolled up their sleeves understanding that the checkout page is where the magic happens on an e-commerce site. And as an eCommercev developer, you know that the requirements for the checkout design can vary widely from business to business. The ability to customize the appearance and functionality of the checkout page was essential. Our position was that merchants should be able to look to the Optimized One-Page Checkout as an example of best practices in checkout form design, but we also want to build as much openness into our checkout as possible to accommodate merchants with specific business needs who are able to take on the effort of advanced customization.

We assembled a team comprised of a project manager, senior technical manager, back-end developer, front-end developer and a quality assurance associate.

The Result

Within 10 weeks, our team seamlessly delivered a Front-end for BigCommerce application and Back-end for the BigCommerce APIs with logic crafted for both BigCommerce APIs and payment processor APIs. We also manage all requests and responses for both BigCommerce and payment APIs to ensure seamless integration and user support.

Our TranSafe gateway supports an iframe-based payment acceptance method we call “PaymentFrame,” as well as direct POST and REST API calls. As a result of our work, PayAssist has seen **% increase in use by developers.

Thanks to LIM, this company had the right prescription for success.

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