Case Study

Digital Support for Burlington


Burlington Coat Factory


Web Developement


PHP, React, Javascript, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design


New York, USA

The Challenge

In 2020, Burlington was gearing up for their most critical marketing period, spanning from Black Friday to Valentine’s Day. This season, crucial for retail businesses, demanded an extensive marketing strategy. Burlington planned several dynamic marketing campaigns, encompassing diverse landing pages and a robust email marketing strategy to promote their season-specific deals and discounts. However, they faced a significant challenge: bandwidth. The in-house team was overwhelmed with the scale of the task at hand. They needed external support to execute these ambitious plans successfully. That’s where LIM stepped in.

The Solution

  1. Graphic Design Support: Our graphic designers collaborated with Burlington’s marketing team to create visually appealing and brand-consistent designs for their campaigns. This included designing promotional materials for in-store displays, online ads, and social media graphics.
  2. Digital Marketing Expertise: Our digital marketing specialists developed a comprehensive plan to boost Burlington’s online presence. This involved optimizing their SEO strategies, managing PPC campaigns, and enhancing their social media engagement to drive traffic and sales.
  3. Web Development: Our web developers worked tirelessly to ensure that Burlington’s website was equipped to handle increased traffic and that all landing pages were optimized for user experience and conversion. This included creating engaging, festive-themed landing pages for each major sale event.
  4. Email Marketing Campaigns: Understanding the power of direct customer engagement, our team devised and implemented a series of targeted email marketing campaigns. These campaigns were designed to inform customers of upcoming deals, special offers, and new product arrivals, encouraging repeat visits and sustained customer interest throughout the holiday season.

The Result

The collaboration between Burlington and LIM was a resounding success. Our support helped Burlington not only meet but exceed their marketing objectives for the season. They saw a significant increase in in-store traffic and an overall boost in sales compared to the previous year’s figures. This success was a testament to the effective synergy between our specialized skills and Burlington’s robust marketing vision.

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